Sunday, November 30, 2008

What a resource! (and flashback to the 80s)

I've started doing some blog-hopping. I love that technology advances (see side note below) have allowed us the opportunity to create and maintain sites to share our ideas for free! I stumbled upon this blog maintained by Courtney. She is amazingly talented. Check her out.

Side Note:
Ok. Thinking of this reminded me of just how far technology has come. I remember being in eighth grade (actually, three doors down from my current classroom) and taking Computer Literacy. We worked about half the time out of a textbook and got to get on the computers only after the chapter work had been duly completed. The computer lab (one of the best in the region) had Apple IIe computers. There were four BRAND NEW Apple IIgs computers and people fought to get the chance to work on those. We each had a 5.5" disk (or was it 5.25"?). All of our class work was stored on that disk. For mean-spirited "fun" the guys would rub the disk on the carpeted floor creating an static electricity charge, thus erasing some poor soul's year's worth of work. We learned to write programs in BASIC. There was no such thing as "Windows", but I was really good, by golly, at writing programs that would compute simple mathmatical equations. We did some typing in a very primitive word processing program, but it didn't really mesh well with our typing class. Though we were technologically advanced, we still learned to type on old manual typewriters with blanked keys (remember "click, click, click, click, ding!, left-hand-return"?). OK, that's enough of my 80s flashback. Happy memories!


Anonymous said...

This truly brought back flashbacks : ) Thanks!

Ann said...

Ah, the good old days--when floppy disks were actually floppy! :D