Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had intended to blog last night, but I was emotionally exhausted. I've been sick since Sunday and it's only getting worse. I have a terrible cold and am medicating to the max on DayQuil. To compound all of that pressure in my head, Eliza got "lost" yesterday. She knew where she was , but we didn't.

She had Odyssey of the Mind practice after school yesterday. It's usually over at 5. I worked last yesterday making phone calls and asked Roy to pick her up and I started home. He got there at 4:58 but the room was locked up tight. He called and I told him an alternate place to look. A few minutes later he called back and I could hear the panic rising in his voice. He told me that he had searched both buildings and she was no where to be found. He had also checked aftercare, but her name wasn't on the sign-in list and she wasn't in the auditorium. By this time, I was less than five minutes from home but I turned around and went speeding back toward the school. It's at least a 15 minute drive during 5 o'clock traffic, but I was determined to make it in less than 10. I broke at least 12 laws. Just as I was getting to the busiest part of the traffic, Roy called and told me he found her. She got out early and just didn't get signed into aftercare. I don't know if he was panicked and just didn't see her when he looked or if she went to the bathroom, but she was ok. What a relief. My stomach settled down and I was able to be a productive member of society (cooked dinner). My mother claims to have had 6 heart attacks in the 18 minutes we couldn't find her. Thankfully, it was only traumatic to the adults!

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Thank you for sharing your story...I think everyone has those moments.