Monday, February 8, 2010

Jumping on the Fabric Wagon

I knew that I love my Big Shot. Isn't it great? Look at how much you can do with it. But honestly, you know what? I've only cut a fraction of the items that you can cut. It's almost embarrassing how little I've stepped outside the Big Shot box.

However, with all the abundant cuteness out there, I had to make a trip to the fabric store and get some super cute fabrics. Ok, I admit it. I went a little overboard. Let's just say that there was a loooonnng line behind me at the cutting table (um, I think I counted over a dozen) as I handed them a few bolts of material (well, I came home with sixteen different fabrics).

So, I rushed home and I was so excited about rolling out (It's a pun - get it?!) a quick flower pin. I was aghast to discover that I didn't own the flower folds die. AAGGGHHHH! I had to remedy that right away and had the order expedited. Finally, I had the fabric, the die, and a few minutes (I got up at 4:15 before work one day) and this is what I created...

It looks much better now. The fabric has worn a little and looks soft and loved. It's slightly frayed on the edges and matches so many things! I thought that it wouldn't go with many outfits, but it actually matches most of what is in my closet (and my mother's closet too!).

Variety of fabrics
Big Shot
Flower folds die
Hot glue gun
Stampin' Up designer button
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Pin mechanism (bought at the fabric store and sewn on a piece of coordinating felt used as the backing for the flower)

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