Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Honor of My Grandfather

I don't have a crafting post today. Instead I just want to honor my grandfather again. His name is Thomas - but I've called him "D" all my life. I was the first grandchild and everyone I knew called him "Uncle T" but I couldn't say "T". The name D stuck and that's how everyone knows him today. Thank you to all of the veterans. Your sacrifice is great.

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helen said...

it is wonderful that you posted about your grandfather again, it is important that we honour and respect our elders for they have something to share that we need to learn from so that we learn to live in peace.

my father died this summer when i was visiting and i have no regrets that i did every thing i could each day to show him the love and respect i had for having served in ww2, emigrated to canada from ireland and to have raised 10 children (3 have died in the last 8 years). he taught us laughter, self worth and the meaning of work ethic...i miss him dearly.