Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a Day!

Wow. I had a non-stop bell-to-bell day.

It was tiring and my voice is still not 100%. I didn't have orchestra tonight. We were going to eat at the church anyway, but the weather was so nasty we didn't want my grandfather to fall trying to get up the stairs. So I ordered dinner from The Diner (, picked up Eliza from school and headed home. I was sitting at a red light and all of a sudden we felt a terrible jar. We were rear ended. I pulled over at the gas station on the corner, called the police, and started getting the information we needed.

We were all ok. Eliza was shocked, Momma got a bad headache, and her back hurt a little. I was fine. The guy that hit us was young and just not paying attention. That tank I drive was barely dented, though I think there is some more significant damage than can't be seen - the computer parking sensors were missing off the bumper and the control panel is dinging with errors. As much as I hate that thing, I bought it for the safety features and it sure has held up. They guy's truck - an Explorer SportTrack - was pretty crumpled. It looked worse than mine.

I keep checking on Eliza, but she seems to be fine. We had a serious discussion about safety, seatbelts, and car wrecks. So often, I see dangers coming my way. I didn't have an inkling that a truck was hurtling toward us. It is a humbling thought that our existence is so fragile.

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