Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Wow, I'm exhausted! I certainly don't remember being this tired after an evening of trick or treating. Perhaps it has something to do with the thirty-some-odd years that have passed.

Roy's got the girls in the tub, but I can hear that they are still so completely wired. We only visited two houses - Dave & Kate's (my brother and his wife) and Denise & Roddey's (my mother's best friend). After that, we went to the church to the Autumn Festival. It was so packed when we first got there we could barely walk. It did thin out, but I bet they had over a thousand people there tonight. The girls got way too much candy. I bet they had seven or eight pounds together. (I know some students who'll be happy on Monday!) When we got home, they poured the candy out onto a chair in the living room and started digging. I tried to put the candy back into the buckets (so I could relocate the buckets to a much higher location) when Eva Grace threw her body on top of the cand and yelled, "That's my candy!" Had it not been so dishearting, it would have been funny.

Eliza was Wonder Woman this year. She told me for weeks that was what she wanted to be. I didn't know where I'd get that costume. I happened to be walking along in Wal-Mart and saw ONE costume left. It was a size too large, but after spending 30 minutes digging through every costume there, I discovered that it was the last WW costume in the store. Eva Grace didn't get much choice in her costume. She was a ballerina. She had little Isotoner slippers that she wore briefly, but she ripped the tiny bows off and refused to keep them on. Of course, they are/were the cutest ever.

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