Sunday, May 30, 2010

Done does not mean DONE

As I've learned over the past few weeks, done does not really mean DONE. I've been working on my final revisions for my dissertation before it is published. On one hand, I know I could fix the things they marked, submit it, and be finished. (I saw a PhD comic once that said, "If you write it, they will sign it.") But, that thing's going to sit on my bookshelf a long time. I don't want to look back years from now and regret throwing a bunch of junk down. And I'm paying a small fortune to have that little bugger copyrighted, printed, bound, and published to the required websites. So, I'm still working - about finished - but still working. I have begun a huge (well, huge to me) renovation project that will result in a cleaner house (no more piles of research sitting in stacks close to my computer) and a (hopefully) clean scrapbook room. This will be my first summer off in many years. Trying to think back, I believe I've only NOT worked (at something) for one summer in my 9 years of marriage. I have visions of catching up on a lot of scrapbooking this summer! It will begin on Thursday - my first day off - with a girls' trip to the American Girl store for lunch at the Bistro. Eliza got a gift card for her birthday (in April - does that make me a bad parent?) and she hasn't spent it yet. My mother hasn't been to the store yet (we drug Daddy along last time) so she will join us on Thursday. We are going to have fun! I also have four cards I never posted. You'll be seeing those this week.

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vickiw said...

I just wanted to give you a tall standing ovation at being so close to achieving your dream. WOW PHD that is monumental task. Enjoy your well deserved summer off and Congratualtions!!! Do you see yourself moving into teaching at an administrative level or teaching in a college atmosphere?