Sunday, February 8, 2009

VSBN - spread out

I've not been on in a couple of weeks. I participated in SCS's VSBN last weekend. VSBN is Virtual Scrapbook Night, but it actually lasts three days. There are challenges posted every two hours starting Friday night. There are challenges all day Saturday and much of Sunday. You have two hours to complete the challenges if you are participating in the contests, but you are welcome to complete them at any time in the future. I'm a bit OCD about certain things so I have a ritual I follow. I don't peek ahead (even though I'm done with all the pages I'll submit for the contests) and I have to do them in order, even when I get behind during the challenge weekend.

This round of VSBN I was able to complete seven of the challenges and making fourteen total pages. I'll upload them in a few blog posts so it doesn't take forever!

JAN09VSBND submission using Sally's sketch. I did alter the LO a little and I added the right page. I'm also working on my distressing techniques. The week Eliza was scheduled to be an acolyte for chapel her 4K year, happened to fall on Halloween. That year she wanted to dress up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I couldn't find a costume that didn't look cheap and tacky (in my opinion) so I decided I was smart enough to make one, right? I took homemaking in high school (who's counting decades?) and I have several college degrees. That counts for something, right? I'll take a break from the story for those of you having to clean the beverage you spewed laughing at the thought of me sewing. Ok, time's up. I stayed up all night (yeah, I waited until the day before) trying to sew this costume. I laid it out, cut the pattern (I did have the sense to buy a pattern) and tried to piece it together. It never really worked. I'm sure I bought a faulty pattern missing at least twelve pieces. So I stopped, thought about it and started again from a logical point of view. I pieced it together and made a dress that looked really cute (if I may say so myself) on the outside. Just don't peek inside - it was a mess! I was on maternity leave at the time so I was able to go to this chapel. It was still warm enough to use the outdoor chapel in the woods.

I can't live without you
JAN09VSBNE submission. Distressing is one of the things I think I do worst, but I'm trying to improve. I struggled to distress my first VSBN submission and opened up challenge 2 and I was distressed, to say the least! :) I also broke out the sewing machine I just *had* to have several years ago. The only thing I've made on it was the Dorothy costume (see VSBN submission 1). I sewed a border! I was quite proud of myself! I used the Flower Fest set stamped on the reverse and cut out to make the flower shapes


JAN09VSBNF submission. I was going to use the sketch but I decided since I'm running so far behind I would do a "fast" one. I've never bought/used a Simply Scrappin' kit. My upline gave me Creative License a long time ago and I pulled it out for this challenge. It really went well with what I had in mind. Eliza wrote her first research paper this year. The students had to choose an animal they didn't know much about. What did my child choose? A swordfish! Do you know how many books are written about swordfish? Ones appropriate for a child's research paper? I finally found one and she read it and searched in the internet for more sources. They had to read their sources and write note cards. They wrote a first draft, edited and revised, and wrote a final draft. Finally, they illustrated their research.

I used: S(tamping) - title only. C(hipboard) - I flaked on this one. R(ibbon) - who can scrap without ribbon?! A(lphas) - title in Headline Alphabet. P(atterned paper) - contents of Creative License Simply Scrappin' kit. B(uttons) - under the ribbon. O(numbers) - stickers from SS kit. O(circles) - part of the patterned paper. K(udos) - woo hoo! my first SS kit attempt!

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What fantastic layouts. I particularly like the Can't live without you layout.