Friday, March 28, 2008

Where are you?

A fairly commonplace question was posed to me that truly made me stop and think. Where do I really see myself in five years? Ten years? We all answer these questions with our pipe dreams. "I want to be in a successful career." or "I want to have a new career." or "I want my family to be financially comfortable." or "I want to be married (or in some people's cases, divorced!)" or "I want to have children."

How much of my answer is fairy tale? What am I doing now to make a difference? I mean, a difference in my workplace, my family, my career? These things don't fall into place. What am I doing to consciously change my future? I heard someone say something a few weeks ago. I immediately emailed it to myself and I've pondered it since then.
"Isn't today the tomorrow we worried about yesterday?"
Wow. It still makes me think about my own role in my destiny. I believe in a fair amount of predestination, but I also believe that we have free will to make choices. My choices have not been stellar lately. Redirection. Clarity. Centering. Thoughtful.

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Robin said...

Hi, Heather, you've been tagged ! Please visit my blog to see what to do next. I hope you'll play along. :-)

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